17 Feb 18


Homeowners are always looking for new tricks and tips to help them save up on the energy bill. With new appliances coming into the home quicker than ever before,  lessening the amount of energy we use should be every homeowner’s concern.

A lot of tricks and tips are available out there for you to try out. However, some of them are made-up baloney that doesn’t work at all. You should know the facts from fiction so that you don’t end up costing yourself even more money. With the wrong approach, you could put yourself and your family in danger. Here are some myths that you should know about;

  1. Your electronics don’t need to be powered off when you are not using them

    You don’t need to have your computer on when you are not using it and putting it on sleep or allowing it to go into hibernation is not okay either. Electronics still consume a lot of power when they are not in use. A computer that is hibernation or sleep mode will still consume power. Aside from this, the electronics are only experiencing unnecessary wear and tear when you leave them on.

  2. Energy saving bulbs cost too much

    The price of a light bulb did go up since the old incandescent bulbs were phased out. LEDs, compact fluorescent bulbs, halogen bulbs and the like come at a higher price than the old alternative . However, these save you money in the end. Newer versions are more efficient, use less power and have a longer shelf life. All these factors combined save the typical American household $75 annually.

  3. Solar panels are not a viable option

    Solar panels are typically used in climates where the sun shines all day without being obscured by clouds or fog. While sunny weather would be ideal for solar panels, they can work quite competently in rainy or cloudy regions. While such weather would block the sunlight, it cannot block out all the solar energy and some will still make it to your solar array. Installing solar panels in such weather would still work even if not as well.

  4. The frigid setting in your AC will make your house cool down faster

This is not true either. Your thermostat setting does not make the AC cool the house faster. Your HVAC system cools at the same rate but now has a tougher task to meet your thermostat setting. Lowering thermostat settings makes the machine work harder and this continues even after the AC reaches your desired temperature.

Your Tulsa electrician should tell you what you don’t know about electricity, and  that’s why you should always consult them when you need to. When you need some help from a professional electrician OKC, firms will always provide good service. Get a professional to carry out an energy audit for you to know how much you could save. Sometime it could be a host of things that need changing or just one element that has been costing you money.


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