17 Jul 19

An electric iron box is a crucial tool in our day-to day-lives. However, using it wrongly could lead to severe injuries. It is advisable to always be cautious when using one. One of the most crucial safety precautions that people tend to ignore has to do reading the manual. Most people tend to start using the electronic iron box without consulting this document. Different irons have different features, so you need to do things right.

Proper use of an electric iron

  • Always place it on an ironing board

    Most people do not see the importance of an ironing board and tend to overlook it. Ensure you do not iron on a couch or bed as heat burns through surfaces.

  • Do not iron or steam fabrics while wearing them

    Even if you are in a rush to get to an important meeting and realize that your clothes are wrinkled, avoid ironing them while still on your body as this could lead to an electrocution or burns.

  • Avoid ironing clothes on the bed or floor

    Ironing clothes on a bed can pose the risk of fire and burns. There are many reported cases of fire emanating from iron boxes left on flammable substances.


  • Always use an electric iron box for its intended purpose

    An electric iron box has been specifically designed for ironing clothes. Using it for a different purpose (eh heating a room) could shorten its life span or completely damage it.

    Cord safety

  • Never leave the cord of the iron hanging

     And ironing, you might forget to put your iron box in a safe place.  You may leave it in a spot where people frequently pass. Those passing may not be aware that the cord is there and accidentally trip on it, causing the hot iron to land on them. This could lead to severe injuries.

  • Always check if the cord is damaged before using it

    It is advisable to inspect whether the iron box is in good condition before using it. If you notice that the cord is damaged, do not assume it is a minor issue. Refrain from using it as this could lead to an electric shock and potentially cause a fire.

  • The cord should be kept far from hot surfaces

    Keeping the cord close to a hot surface such as a gas cooker or cigarette could trigger even more problems.

  • Do not immerse a hot iron in water

    Water is a good conductor of electricity and immersing a hot iron in it could cause an electric shock.

  • Always keep an eye on children/pets

Children, especially toddlers, tend to be hyper and curious. They can easily touch a hot iron and end up getting injured.

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