28 Apr 19

The truth is, most of us own a smart device. This could be a phone, a tablet or a smart-watch. Our culture has got us wanting to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Most of us spend a lot of time texting, browsing, and emailing. Since we spend so much time on those devices, we should consider investing in apps that will save us energy and some coins. Below are some apps that might help you cut down on your energy consumption;


Nest is a very popular power saving app. However, keep in mind that with this app you will also require an actual Nest thermostat. The app gives you the ability to control your thermostat remotely. For example, you could use it to turn your furnace on an hour before you get home.  Nest uses the location of your phone, algorithms, and sensors to turn your gadgets on and off automatically. For example, when you leave your house, it could turn your heat off and turn your cameras on. It is a learning technology app so it will save your day to day routines and habits, making everything easier.

Kill-Ur Watts

This app was made by KeyLogic in 2012. It was created for the “Apps for Energy” challenge for the Energy Department. It gives you the power to monitor tour hourly, daily and monthly electric usage. It also gives you tips on how to tone down the consumption. The app allows you to see energy distributions for your appliances by category like lighting, heating and cooling, appliances, e.t.c. Through the app, you can also monitor your carbon footprint and energy score in comparison to the national average. The app can also be linked to tools such as “Energy Star” that check home energy efficiency.

Green Outlet

This app allows you to identify how your appliances are performing and which ones are consuming the most energy. This way, you will be able to adjust and save. All you need to do is key in information about the appliances you are using get a prediction of its energy usage. You will then have a rough idea of what your monthly bill will look like. The app also has a bonus that allows you to compute your carbon footprint. You receive a notification if you go beyond the “Recommended Carbon Usage” that has been set out in the U.S Government guidelines.

If saving money spent on energy is something that you have been considering, try out the above apps. You can download all of them or try each at a time and find what works best for you. Either way, you will save energy and money because your utility bills will go down significantly. You will be able to make wise decisions and adjust routines accordingly.

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