18 Apr 19

There is a new wave of scandal in the utility industry that you need to avoid. Customers have been reporting cases of utility imposters. These imposters have tried to wipe out the customers’ bank accounts forcefully. The scammers have issued threats of offing electric and gas if payment is not made immediately. They pose as authorized utility companies and this makes it difficult for the customers to tell that they are frauds.

A popular scam involves the imposter company persuading the customer that they have scheduled electricity shut off. They then inform the customer that their power will be shut off unless they buy a “Green Dot” Visa credit card through the phone. Once the customers provide their personal financial information, the imposter company robs them.

Utility companies have been offering information to their customers on how to protect themselves from these utility imposters. Here are some tips that we recommend on how to protect yourself from utility imposters;

Suspicious emails

If you get an email from your utility that looks suspicious, do not reply to it, do not open attachments or links in the email and do not reply to it. Delete that email as soon as you can, and reach out to your utility company’s customer service.

Strange phone calls

If you get an unusual phone call from the utility, here is what you should do;

  • Request that the person on the other end of the line says out to you the name attached to the account, the account number and your address. If he is not able to confirm that information to you, disconnect the call and contact the customer service line of your utility.
  • Unless you have started the call, do not provide your personal information to anyone over the phone
  • Often, utilities do not contact their customers to ask for personal financial information like bank account number or credit card number.

Stranger at your door

If a stranger pops up at your door claiming to be from the utility conpany, here are few tips you can follow

  • Do not let them in if you do not recognize them.
  • Check for identification on them through the window. Try to look for something like a company ID badge. The badge will usually display the person’s photo, their name, and ID number. Most utility employees will always be in a uniform and driving a company car with a clear company logo.
  • Most utilities do not ask for payment during the time of service.
  • Keep in mind that even if our bills are past-due, your utility will notify you via writing before cutting off services.
  • Your utility will give you advance notice of the arrival of the service technician if the technician requires to enter your home.
  • If you are suspicious of any activity in your home, contact the police.

When giving out your personal information, exercise   good judgment. Scammers are smart and always come up with new methods to trick you. With the above tips, however, you will protect yourself from the imposters.

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