15 May 19

When compared to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering can make things look so much easier. There are no large gears, large conveyor belts or parts that could hurt you with their sheer weight. With their coppery glow, the circuits carry on passing energy with no real indication that there is danger lurking. Even so, the slightest touch of these indicators with your naked hand could prove fatal. Electricity is a danger that can hurt you and your family terribly. As your favorite OKC electrician, we thought it would be nice to remind you about the dangers of electricity and why we have safety standards.

The safety standards for installations and repairs

If you are an electrical worker, you are expected to know what the codes and guidelines are for handling electricity. This entails knowledge about the live, neutral and grounded wire. You are better off if you know how a short circuit could occur as well. One example that would need you to know about this is when a power socket refuses to stay on. This causes the circuit breaker to trip often. According to electrical safety regulations, work can only begin after the correct precautions have been taken.  There should be warning signs to alert anyone that can come close to the circuit of the danger of being electrocuted. Such steps are very crucial in allowing the contractor to track down the fault while avoiding injury to anyone around.

The four main types of injuries caused by electricity

Electrical systems have the potential to cause a lot of harm. The four most common types of injuries caused by electrical faults include;

  1. Electrical shock
  2. Electrocution
  3. Falls
  4. Burns

There are plenty of instances when such injuries can happen. Direct contact with live wires causes electrical energy to flow through the body interfering with the normal electrical signals of the brain. Such interferences cause heart beatirregularities even causing breathing difficulties. In worst case scenarios, the individual’s internal organs may begin to shut down. Arc flashes can cause intense burns while light that is too bright can cause blindness.

Controlling the risks

As your commercial okcelectrician, we wouldn’t want any nasty instances in your workplace due to electricity. We always adviceour clients to invest in residual current devices (RCDs) that work as safety switches. You could also keep your office that much more secure by having regular inspections of your electrical installations by an expert. This would involve record keeping, frequent monitoring, and testing to make sure all the electrical equipment is working likeit should.

Let us help you with your electrical installations and fixes

Electricity is what powers industry and our lives in general. It is one of the most powerful forces of nature and can be destructive if used the wrong way. We have the residential electrician Tulsa residents are looking for and we are happy to help. Reach out to us using email or phone and let us know what we can do for you. Our contractors are always ready to handle any electrical needs you have in the home and the office too.



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