08 Dec 18

Electricity has become such a massive aspect of our lives that we pay little attention to how we use it. We are so used to seeing pour lights and televisions on that we never stop to think that the very same electricity that is so helpful can be equally dangerous. Few of us ever stop to check our electrical installations, and that should be something to worry about. In order for electricity to help you, it needs to be used right. Cables need to be managed, sockets need to be kept in a safe way and switches have to be well handled.

In this piece, your best Tulsa electrician takes a look at electrical hazards you should look out for;

Outlets that have been placed too close to water

Water is known to be a conductor of electricity, so you need to keep it away from your electrical outlets. If there are outlets in your bathroom or kitchen, keep them away from areas where water exists. By doing so, you reduce the probability of electric shocks.

Water and electrical fires

When a small electrical fire starts in a home, your OKC electrician will advise you to stay away from trying to pour fire on the flames, as this only serves to fan them. What you need to do at that point is make use of fire extinguishers if you have them. If you don’t, you could simply   switch off your electricity, call the city and evacuate the premises.

Poor/defective wires

Electrical wiring needs to be of the best quality there is there. It must meet industry standards and be safe to use. If wiring is poor or defective, then you have yourself a problem as the risk of fire, electrocution and shock is heightened. You should stay away from installing or fixing your own wiring and have a Tulsa electrical contractor do it for you instead.

Wet hands won’t help either

As previously mentioned, water is a great conductor of electricity, so there is not really such a big difference between   touching electrical systems with your hands wet and dipping things such as dryers directly into water. A lot of people will nonchalantly reach for their hair dryers with their wet hands, and this makes them prime candidates for electric shock.


Extension cords need to be firmly put in places where people don’t move around often in order to reduce the chances of tripping. If there are sockets that you do not use, seal them off with plastic closures. Use sockets more than you do cords and if you have to go with the latter, do not use them for too many appliances at the same time.

Colburn Electric is a major OKC electrical contractor. We have been around for a long time now, and we work hard to make sure that the electrical problems in every home or commercial space are solved. Our team is well trained, insured and licensed, which puts you in safe hands. Contact us any time for any electrical work.


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