12 Jun 19

when you need to fix a certain electrical fixture in your home, getting the best Tulsa electrician becomes a priority. At that point, electrical issues are stressful enough, and you don’t need a bad electrician to add to your problems. It is important to find out some of the common warning signs that you are dealing with an incompetent electrician to save yourself the headache, time and money resulting from a bad job. Check out these warning signs;

  1. Irresponsibility

    If an electrician is irresponsible, the first telltale sign is that they are unprofessional and not putting much effort into what they are doing. He will not care that the job might attract bad reviews. The electrician might choose to neglect what you want or ignore the message you are trying to pass across. Instead, he will hurriedly try to get the job out of the way by doing what he thinks is best for him. A qualified electrician OK on the other hand will own the job and try to understand what the client wants.

  2. Walking away from unfinished work

    A bad electrician feels the job he has done is good enough according to his standards. He fails to offer customer satisfaction and leaves, whether or not the job is 100% done. The homeowner will be left with the unnecessary problem of costly repairs in the future.

  3. Dodging questions and giving unreliable answers on pricing and safety

    You need an electrician you can fully trust to provide straightforward answers regarding any queries you have.  When an electrician avoids answering your questions regarding safety and pricing or gives you unsatisfactory answers, the alarm bells should start going off. Before a qualified electrician starts work, the client should have a100% guarantee that the job will be professionally done.

  4. Poor attitude

    An electrician who tends to get aggressive when a customer wants a certain service offered or improved upon is not what you need. A bad electrician will immediately dismiss a client after realizing that they cannot afford their services. A great electrician will try to foster a good relationship with the customer.

  5. Bad electricians cut corners

 If you are working with someone who leaves exposed wires behind yet claim that their work is done, walk away. If they don’t clean after themselves, they are not very good at what they do.

You don’t deserve an OK electrician that cannot earn your trust and does his work to what he believes are his standards. We treat all our clients with all the respect they deserve and stick to their budgets. Speak to our qualified electricians today on 918-251-8765.


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