22 Apr 18

Are you planning a home improvement project? These are always fun and they improve your home’s worth for when it is time to put it on the market. We know you are eager to get on with it but as your OKC electrician, we have a few tips you should consider for the electrical connections to be done on the new extension. We are the reliable electrician OKC residents can always call on whenever they need some work done on their home’s electrical setup. Here is what you need to do when it comes to electrical connections when renovating;

The electrical aspects of your upgrade that you need to consider

Home improvements mean that the electrical panel in your home will have to take a greater load. For this reason, functionality should also increase. Here are a few things you need to remember when you consider such upgrades;

You may need a heavy-up

With a heavy-up, the electrical power flowing through your house is increased. Older homes particularly need a higher amperage when home improvements of this size are done. Without such an upgrade, the new room can cause the whole house to go dark as it overloads the older electrical circuit.

Identify where you want your lighting early on

The building process is made much easier when you know where the lights should be as well as other fixed electrical appliances. Without proper planning beforehand, you may end up  needing to change one thing or the other which might cost you more than a few extra dollars and take up more time.

Pre-plan electrical access

You should know where you want electrical tools and appliances so that outlets are placed strategically. Aspects such as ambient lighting and floor lighting should also be things you consider. You should also talk to your OKC electrician to find out whether a dedicated circuit is necessary for safety purposes.

Watch your budget and be a little flexible

As you budget for the electrical wiring for the new room, you should make some wiggle room for any changes that may occur as you continue with the home improvement. Such kinds of projects run much smoother when you have readied yourself for any unforeseen circumstances.

Talk about the wiring in your home with a pro

The old wiring in your home may need upgrading or the addition of a few up-to-date components. You should talk about this with the electrician doing the wiring for your extension and find out what needs to be done.

Make sure all the work is done with a professional

There is basically no scenario where you should be wiring the extension in your home by yourself. For the do-it-yourself devotees who want to handle everything around the home, wiring your home is not at all advisable.

Choose us as your preferred electrician

We have been offering our services to OKC residents for a long time now and  are aware of all the electrical codes prescribed for residential and commercial buildings. Contact us for whatever electrical needs you have and we will help you   however we can.

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