08 Nov 15

DIY home repairs and enhancements can be a good way to save money, but not all projects are suitable for the average homeowners. Your home’s electrical is an example of a situation where consulting an expert can have both immediate and long-term benefits. If you have been thinking about working on your home’s electrical yourself, consider these benefits of calling in a professional Tulsa electrician:

Adding outlets or switches

You can search online and find numerous videos showing how to add an outlet, many with more than 100 thousand views. While that may provide step-by-step instruction, one factor to consider is how to handle any unexpected wiring issues that come up once you open a wall. Working with a Tulsa electrician means you have a trained professional there to quickly and properly address any problems that arise.

Addressing code issues

There is a likely an electrical code for the specific area where you live. If you are following a guide, generic online information or asking a friend, that advice may not be in line with the code for your home. Calling in a local expert means you are working with a Tulsa area electrician who is trained and knowledgeable for those specifics. Ongoing training is another factor to consider on staying current with any changes to the local code.

Increasing sustainability

Increased Green building practices continue to be important in both residential and commercial applications. Whether you are concerned from an environmental perspective or you are looking to reduce costs, there a lot of value in working with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited technicians.


There are many benefits to calling in a Tulsa electrician to troubleshoot any problems you are encountering. Their experience can often mean you get the problem fixed quicker since they have likely handled similar service calls. It also provides a level of comfort that they can identify safety issues that might not be otherwise be seen.

Whether you are making home improvements or addressing a problem with the electrical in your home, there are many times where you can benefit from the experience of a professional Tulsa electrician. While handling the job yourself is great for many projects in your home, before you go that route, reach out to Colburn Electric. With up front pricing and same day service options,  their team can provide the expertise you want.

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