02 May 18

When doing a home renovation, most people are determined to accomplish the task fast and at a low price. To achieve this, some make the terrible mistake of hiring unlicensed electricians. Here are some of the dangers you may experience by allowing such people into your premises;


  • Accidents

    During the installation of electricity, accidents may happen. The causes may include the presence of flammable materials in the work site, poor wiring, faulty outlets, and light fixtures among others. Hiring a licensed electrician lowers the chances of accidents as such people have the right knowledge and skills. An unlicensed person may also do a shoddy job since his or her only interest is money.


  • Your insurer may refuse to compensate you in case of an accident

    Although your house may be insured against fire, you have to adhere to insurance codes. One of the essential conditions for compensation is that a licensed electrician must have handled your property. Cases of accidents are rare where such people are involved. Your insurance will not accept responsibility when they learn that you hired an unlicensed electrician.


  • Cheap is expensive

    Unlicensed electricians OKC charge lower rates than their licensed counterparts do. In an attempt to spend little during renovation or wiring, most people tend to prefer hiring cheap contractors. Unknown to them, most of these cheap electricians are unlicensed. Hiring such people poses a serious risk to your expensive electrical appliances. In the end, you may lose more money after receiving substandard services from such electricians.


  • Liability falls on you

    During renovation or wiring, some of the workers may get hurt. An unlicensed electrician may take off and leave you with the injured, forcing you to cater for their medication. Moreover, an unlicensed electrician may also refuse to repair sewer, ceiling, or any other area they may damage while working. When you hire a licensed electrician, they are responsible for any damage that may happen during renovation. Furthermore, tracing a licensed electrician in case you discover damage later is easier than tracking unlicensed one.


  • You mayfind yourself in major trouble with the law

When you hire an unlicensed electrician, you are held responsible for their actions. In case of a major accident, you have to compensate all those involved as no insurer will accept the responsibility

If you have been thinking of hiring a cheap electrician in an attempt to save on the renovation costs, now you see why you have to give it a second thought. Think about the financial cost and the psychological trauma you may experience. Always ensure the person wiring your house is licensed and your life will become safer and easier.  


Given the many dangers linked to unlicensed electricians, it makes no sense to risk your property by hiring them. It is advisable to ensure that the person you allow to your premises has the right skills and is licensed to do so. Although a regular electrician Tulsa may be a little expensive, the quality of services that they provide and the assurance that comes with their service are worth the charges.



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