08 Apr 19

Besides air conditioning, there are other energy-efficient ways to keep your home cool. Try out strategies that save you money and still get the job done. Below are some tips you could use to stay cool, coming from your top electrician Tulsa;

Close the windows

I know this sounds like something you would do to keep the house warm but closing your windows during the day keeps your home cool. It keeps the hot and sticky air out. Opening windows during the day will let in hot air unless there is a breeze outside. Shut the windows when it is hot outside and open them during nighttime when the temperatures are down.

Keep the fan

A fan comes in handy when your home is very hot. Moving air from the fan is cooler than the stagnant air. A fan helps in the circulation of cool air throughout the house. A fan is convenient because you can physically move your fan to the room that you are using. During the night if it is very hot, keep yourself cool by placing your fan at your bed’s foot.

Block sunlight

You can do this by drawing your shades and keeping your drapes hang up. Blocking sunlight directly minimizes the amount of heat that gets into your home. You should also consider using fabrics that are made of lighter colors. These will help reflect the sunlight and while still allowing enough natural light in.

Use light fabric as a furniture cover

If your seats are covered with heavy fabric, add a light cover on top. Leather furniture can also make you sweaty. When your legs sweat on a leather couch, they get sticky and uncomfortable. Put a simple and light cotton sheet or cloth on top, to make your lounging experience better.

Cook outside

Turning on your stove or oven can add unnecessary heat in your home. During hot days, you could instead use a fire pit or grill outside to cook your food. Besides being a fun experience, it will also reduce unwanted heat in the home.

Buy a baby pool

Baby pools cost less than $20 and are a worthy investment.  They take up little water to fill, and they fill up in a very short time. You can reuse them all summer. To more fun and extra cooling, you can pour a bag of ice in it during scorching days.

Stay hydrated

This seems obvious, but many people forget how important it is to hydrate during hot days. Ensure you consistently drink water to stay energized and comfortable. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks because they will dehydrate you.

During summer, many people think that air conditioning is the only solution to the heat, but the above inexpensive, simple steps can cool you down as effectively as air conditioning. These tips will save you money and energy. Contact us for more tips on how to cool your home and save electricity.


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