13 Jan 18

Aside from the harsh cold, winter comes with its electrical problems. No need to panic if you have noticed that something is off with your home’s electrical system. Winterizing your house in preparation for the cold season will help you avoid many of the effects of cold weather. However, Some issues might still show up regardless. Here are some electrical faults you need to look out for, some of which will require your Tulsa electrician to help out.

1.    Circuit breakers blow out, and the electrical panel develops problems

Winter is the season where your home gobbles up electric power like no other time in the year. First off, your heater is continually humming. When you add the space heaters and electric blankets plus the numerous lights used longer than usual, it is enough to exhaust the power connections in your home. Breaker trips are more likely to occur, and sometimes it also affects the lights, causing them to flicker.

2.    Power outages

The winter season comes with a lot of power outages which are mostly due to storms. Sometimes it can be the unexpected winter front that will cut out the power. Find out from your electrician OKC safety measures that will protect you from this if you don’t have a plan. It’s canny to install a backup generator in readiness for such power glitches.

3.    Exposed wires are a fire hazard

You have nothing to worry about if you bother to do routine checks on the electrical connections in your home. However, if you have not checked for a while, you should be worried about the harsh weather and what dangers it poses for exposed wires. Your wiring should be reviewed by your electrician before the first snow falls so that you are on the safe side.

4.    Complications with the furnace

There might be a faulty electrical component or a switch that isn’t functioning correctly if the fan in your furnace keeps blowing or cycling on. Another problem you are likely to face in the winter is a non-responsive furnace that doesn’t adjust according to the thermostat. These issues should all be left to the professionals lest you damage the equipment any further. An excellent way to deal with them before they crop up is having such equipment inspected before winter starts.

5.    Pests

Pests are one of the problems you need to watch out for in the cold season. All these critters that were out in the wild might come into your home looking for warmth. Rodents are especially problematic in this case, and you may need an exterminator to keep your wires safe from them.

Have the system inspected at least once a year

Getting your home ready for the winter is mandatory, but the best thing is to have a routine check done at least once every year. Maintenance never seems like an urgent issue until you have to get a piece of equipment fixed as soon as possible. When it comes to electricity, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, maintenance will cost you much less than repairs will. Large equipment will take a sizeable chunk off your wallet to get fixed.



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