02 Jul 19

You might be wondering whether going for that expensive colored bulb is worth it. We can however not dispute the fact that colored bulbs such as the RGB have a lure to them. Smart color bulbs are great if you love versatility. You can easily change from one color to the next depending on your preference. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider going for that color temperature or RGB bulb.

  • Color temperature bulbs have an effect on your mood

    All interior designers know the secret to decorating a room is lighting.  Color temperature contributes a lot to how you feel in a room. If you want a relaxed environment, opt for warmer colors and if you prefer an energized and active mood, go for cooler colors. This phenomenon can be explained by how the sunlight gives a bright white color which is associated with activity during the day. On the other hand, at night there is a warm light which gives you a relaxing feel as you unwind from a long day.  Although it may seem expensive, it’s like getting two bulbs in one; a warm and cool one.  

  • Colored bulbs tend to be more fun and versatile in decorations

    Colored bulbs can easily be used to set the theme for a certain holiday, like Christmas, Halloween or birthday parties. Colored lighting is also perfect when watching a football match or a movie. You can never go wrong with colored bulbs when it comes to decoration.

  • They help you to easily fall asleep

    If you have frequent episodes of insomnia, how about trying the colored light bulbs? Color changing lights are more soothing as you can use a slow fade out such as a dull orange color which mimics the sunset. This slowly lulls you to a peaceful sleep.

  • You can easily control them

    We all want to be in control and the best thing about colored light bulbs is that they can easily be controlled from a mobile device even when you are far from home. They are useful for security reasons and saving electricity while you are away.

  • They help in waking up

If you are not a morning person, colored light bulbs could help you wake up in the morning. You can schedule your bedroom lights to automatically come on at a specific time. It’s fun in that you can color-code the automations to let you know how much time you have left to sleep. For example, you can opt to start at a 90-minute red fade followed by a 30-minute orange fade and finally a green color which means it’s time to get out of bed.

At the end of the day, the type of bulb you want to go for depends on your own personal preference as every homeowner has different lighting needs. If you love different color temperatures to tweak your day or mood, then colored bulbs are definitely worth it. Feel free to contact  your OKC electrician  if you need any advice on colored bulbs.



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