29 Jun 19

A ceiling fan is an electrically powered appliance mounted on the ceiling of a room that helps in air circulation. It can make a room feel cooler or warmer, depending on the season and what you want. A fan works by moving air around a room. During summer, it should be turning in a counterclockwise direction to give off a cooling effect while during winter, clockwise movement forces hot air down. Ceiling fans are necessary for almost everyone, from homeowners to offices and schools.

We look at some of the places that need a ceiling fan and why

  1. Office buildings

     Most office building in Tulsa need a ceiling fan as the place can get really hot. The summer season brings with it unbearable heat, making it difficult to focus on work. In an office, the employees’ welfare should be given priority. They need constant supply of fresh air, and that’s where the ceiling fan comes in handy.

    Extremely heated offices subject employees to drowsiness and a lot of sweating, which distracts everyone and lowers output. You want to provide a convenient working environment, and a ceiling fan will definitely help with that.

    A ceiling fan may seem like a trifling, but such a simple look may create a long-lasting impression on clients. It gives customer the sense that you care about your working environment and are well-organized. It also gives the client comfort while waiting to be served.

  2. Homes

    Most homeowners in Oklahoma have opted for air conditioners thinking that they don’t need ceiling fans.  However, if you are a homeowner looking to save some money, a ceiling fan could be ideal for you. It lowers your energy use up to 60%, circulates up to 15% more air and helps protect our climate by reducing the greenhouse effect.

    Other major reasons homeowners need ceiling fans;

    • Keep away pesky insects and flies.
    • Provide an airy and breezy environment.
    • Improve lighting in rooms.
    • Enhance home décor.
  3. Schools

Increased air supply during the summer season helps improve student performance.  Student performances drop when temperatures rise and that’s where a ceiling fan should come in handy.


When there is excess heat in a classroom, chances of drowsiness increase, leading to poor concentration in class. Students need a cooling system to regulate air during such times to increase their focus and ultimately, overall performance.

If you don’t have a ceiling fan or the one you have is malfunctioning, reach out to us at Colburn Electric. As your top electrician Tulsa, we promise to either repair or replace it, depending on the nature Of the problem.





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