02 May 19
The average light bulb has a life span of 900 hours. So, taking into account the number of hours we use them per day, the average light bulb should last you about four months. While we wish our bulbs could burn forever so that we wouldn’t have to deal with changing them every now and then, they could burn out sooner than they are supposed to. If you have noticed light bulbs blowing up around the house we as your OKC electrician think we mi...

28 Apr 19
The truth is, most of us own a smart device. This could be a phone, a tablet or a smart-watch. Our culture has got us wanting to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Most of us spend a lot of time texting, browsing, and emailing. Since we spend so much time on those devices, we should consider investing in apps that will save us energy and some coins. Below are some apps that might help you cut down on your energy consumption; Nest Nest i...

18 Apr 19
There is a new wave of scandal in the utility industry that you need to avoid. Customers have been reporting cases of utility imposters. These imposters have tried to wipe out the customers’ bank accounts forcefully. The scammers have issued threats of offing electric and gas if payment is not made immediately. They pose as authorized utility companies and this makes it difficult for the customers to tell that they are frauds. A popular sc...

08 Apr 19
Besides air conditioning, there are other energy-efficient ways to keep your home cool. Try out strategies that save you money and still get the job done. Below are some tips you could use to stay cool, coming from your top electrician Tulsa; Close the windows I know this sounds like something you would do to keep the house warm but closing your windows during the day keeps your home cool. It keeps the hot and sticky air out. Opening windows du...

01 Apr 19
Picking the right type of bulb might be confusing, what with the many varieties in the market. The different types include CFLs, halogen, incandescent, and LEDs. Here, your OKC electrician is going to discuss each of the named types, to aid you in choosing what is perfect for you. Incandescent bulbs Incandescent bulbs are the most popular and can be found in almost all households. They give off a warm and steady glow. The average incandescent ...

29 Mar 19
Choosing a shower is simpler than choosing other bathroom fixtures and fittings. Always plan well in advance if you want to land the right fit. Think about the type of the shower, shower tray, type of enclosure and the shower head. • What kind of a shower do you need? Below are different types of showers to choose from for your home; i. Digital shower A digital shower is controlled by a panel. The panel communicates with the power...

23 Mar 19
The loss of power in a particular area can either be short term or long term. Some of the causes of power outage include electric transmission damage, faulty appliances at the power stations and issues with circuit breakers. Most of the time, you will know about an outage before it occurs, so there is time to prepare. Below is a look at how to prepare for this eventuality; Water Storage Water is an important necessity in every home. Families ...

08 Mar 19
Are you thinking about going full LED when it comes to your home or business premises? LED lights are energy-efficient, versatile, directional, economical, long-lasting and surpass all other types of lighting. The common LED colours are green, blue, amber and red. Here are a few more things you should know about LED lights before heading out to buy them LED lights start immediately after they are switched on and require no warm-up time. T...

01 Mar 19
No one can deny the convenience and comfort home appliances provide. However, it is very frustrating to fix broken appliances because it involves spending money. Your electrician OKC would advise you to take your time to keep your appliances in top shape to avoid breakdown and ensure that they last longer. Maintenance tips for appliances; Washing machine Always remove grit from the screen where hoses are attached to the washer. Ensure you adh...

28 Feb 19
Despite the fact that laundry is a fact of life it’s no one’s favourite chore. Washing machines are a lifesaver for busy people, but they are among the costliest appliances out there. So, how do you cut down on the steady drip of dollars from your pocket? Use cold water wash Research shows that laundry detergents get better at putting enzymes to work removing stains and dirt at low temperatures. In addition, cold water b...

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