24 May 15

While there are a lot of home repairs to try to tackle DIY-style, equipped with advice from family or friends, tips from the internet or even some home renovation shows, electrical repairs are best left to the experts. Whether you suspect an issue with a single outlet, wiring inside the walls of your home, the light fixture overhead, or an outdoor outlet, call in a professional Tulsa electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

Beyond the repair itself, the underlying problem may be a code violation that needs to be addressed at the same time. In other cases, an issue in the circuit breaker panel could create a reoccurring problem that will need to be fixed over and over if it is not corrected at the same time as the minor repair.

The team at Colburn Electric is experienced troubleshooting both residential and commercial issues, of all sizes A Tulsa electrician can quickly and efficiently find the issue and make the necessary repairs to keep you safe. While people are often concerned about the cost of repairs, consider that getting the problem resolved in one call can actually cost a lot less in time and money than patching an ongoing issue that lingers.

Common troubleshooting calls that a Tulsa electrician can help with are flickering lights, circuit breaker trips, overheating dimmer switches, loose connections, smoke detector malfunctions or outlet issues.

Unlike other projects you may consider taking on that are cosmetic in nature, the repercussions of electrical are far greater. Problems like overheated dimmer switches and loose connections can result in an electrical fire. When you consider that smoke detectors that are improperly wired or malfunctioning, you can be further placing you and your family at an even greater risk in the event of a fire.

When you take the time to think about all the elements of electrical problems, you can appreciate the value a knowledgeable Tulsa electrician brings to the situation. Serving customers since 1976, Colburn Electric has a history of helping Tulsa homeowners and businesses for decades. 

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