02 May 19

The average light bulb has a life span of 900 hours.  So, taking into account the number of hours we use them per day, the average light bulb should last you about four months. While we wish our bulbs could burn forever so that we wouldn’t have to deal with changing them every now and then, they could burn out sooner than they are supposed to. If you have noticed light bulbs blowing up around the house we as your OKC electrician think we might be able to help. Here are some of the reasons your bulbs may be blowing up;

  1. The connections may be loose

    The loose connection could be at the lamp holder in which case it will cause the bulb to blow. Loose connections stop electricity flow and instead of a constant flow, it jumps. Power jumps generate heating in the fittings that ismore than they are designed to take thus the bulb blows.

  2. Low qualitybulbs

    There are a lot of different brands in the market producing all sorts of sub-standard goods and passing them off as the real deal so you should not feel bad if they got you through your lighting. As a seasoned residential electrician Tulsa, you can trust us to guide you in buying the right bulbs. The cheap type has the tendency of blowing up quicker since any power surge breaks the thinner elements inside the bulb. Buy a trusted brand or contact us for some advice on brands you can trust when shopping for electrical home fixtures.

  3. High voltage

    Even 5% of over-voltage cuts the lifespan of your bulbs significantly. If, for instancea bulb that can take 230 volts is exposed to a current of 250 volts, then the bulb reduces its shelf life so much that it might blow up after about an hour of staying on.

  4. Vibrations from heavy machinery

If you have any project going on in the garage that uses heavy machinery that causes the house to shake, then this could be the reason. When a light bulb is shaken while on, its lifespan decreases markedly. This could also be caused by loud music so check the positioning of the problematic bulb.

How to stop your bulbs from blowing up

Once you have upgraded to high qualityalternatives like LEDs, you should do the following to ensure they last as long as they should.;

  1. Check the connections in your bulb holders
  2. Check the condition of the spring-loaded connectors inside your bulb holder

For over-voltage

  1. Add a variable transformer or a dimmer


  2. Enquire about the voltage issues to the power company it could be a neighborhood-wide problem

Let us check your connections

Aside from getting substandard items, the connections in your house could be failing you. We are the residential electrician Tulsa residents go to for such needs. We would like to hear from you. What electrical problems are you experiencing? We can help you at your convenience just contact us through email or phone.

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