04 Dec 18

Today, it seems like every Tulsa electrician out there is upping the ante when it comes to looking for new clients. There are all sorts of discount offers out there right now. To the casual observer, it looks all good; you get what you want, and you get to pay a little less than everyone else for it. However, most of the times, the devil is in the details. There is a huge difference between a reasonable price and a ‘budget job’, so you will need to stay aware and take a second look at all the raging reviews about budget electricians. It is not always about price; you can get a horrible electrician for inflated price, and you can get a good electrician for a decent price. The deal simply needs to be reasonable, whichever angle you look at it from.

So, what are the dangers that come with hiring a budget OKC electrician?

Escalating existing problems

Most of the time, budget electricians cannot tell a wire from a hole in the ground. They know the most basic of details about electrical jobs and will not know what they are doing. Their most common modus operandi is to tinker with thinks until they somehow get it right, and that is bad news for you. Sometimes, they will get the job done and at others, they will actually make the existing problem worse. You simply do not want to hire a Tulsa electrical contractor who will leave you needing to fix a problem bigger than you had when they came in.

Lack of licenses and insurance

Discount electricians are cheap because they are cheap. That is as simple as it gets. They cut corners all over the place and simply won’t do anything right. They will, for example, not acquire licenses because they either don’t have the requisite training or  don’t want to invest the money, time and resources required to get that accreditation. They will also shy away from taking out insurance because they are running away from liability. This is pretty damning on them and dangerous to you. When you work with someone that is not licensed, you really don’t know whether their work will be up to snuff. If they mess things up and cause a fire or some other kind of damage, there will be no one to compensate you for that loss. In a nutshell, you are on your own if you choose to work with these kinds of people.

Quick fixes

Budget electricians are all about the money. They want to do what you asked them to do and get out of there. This predisposes them to a tendency to do quick jobs and not pay attention to detail. That has you looking for another OKC electrical contractor to do the job as soon as your ‘budget’ guy is gone.


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