02 Jan 18

Our homes are full of electrical appliances, and we just can’t do without them. Electrical products are what keep the household running as usual, but they also pose a lot of dangers if   not used correctly. Additionally, power outlets placed near the ground are easy for babies to reach.

Mixing babies with electricity is a recipe for catastrophe; they just don’t mix. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, 2,400 electrical accidents involving children occur  yearly when foreign objects get inserted into the power outlets. All of these are accidents where the child suffers severe shock or extensive burns. For this reason, it is essential that your house is baby proofed to avoid such accidents. Some of them are pretty straightforward, and you might need your Tulsa electrician for others.

 Here are some tips to baby proof your home ;

1.    Use combination switch outlets

These are tamper-proof outlets that are very practical to have around the house. The dual system functions to keep the outlet closed when it is not in use, keeping out anything your child attempts to insert into the switch.

2.    Use a ground fault circuit interrupter

A ground fault circuit interrupter readily identifies the outlet by the labeling. There are test and reset buttons on the receptacle that indicate it is fitted with a GFCI. These are important to have in a household with kids who could easily mess up with the outlets. GFCIs cut out the power when they notice any imbalance thus will protect your child if they do mess up with the outlet. They are also useful for protecting your appliances in case of power faults.

3.    Outlet covers

You can find any outlet cover out there that will ensure nobody is playing with the outlets when nothing is plugged into them. They are also referred to as safety plates and use a spring-loaded plate to cover the outlets when they are not in use.

Sliding outlet covers are the best since they do not pose any risk by themselves and there is no chance of leaving the outlet unprotected. Sliding covers stay in place if pressure is only applied to one side of the outlet.

4.    Extension covers

Extension cords running across the floors are a tripping hazard for babies that are just learning to walk. The practical thing to do is get duct cord covers for high traffic areas that are more likely to be accident spots in the home. Such covers have a rubber casing and resemble speed bumps. They have several channels which you can pass some connection cords to prevent accidents if passing the cords under carpets and furniture is too much trouble. You can find them in various sizes so there should be one that fits your needs perfectly.

You can do a lot more to make sure your home is safer for your little one. These are just among the first concerns in such a scenario. Ultimately, you have to check what you specifically need for your home. If you ever need professional advice from an electrician OKC, professionals like ourselves are always there to help.








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