01 Mar 19

No one can deny the convenience and comfort home appliances provide. However, it is very frustrating to fix broken appliances because it involves spending money.  Your electrician OKC would advise you to take your time to keep your appliances in top shape to avoid breakdown and ensure that they last longer.

Maintenance tips for appliances;

Washing machine

Always remove grit from the screen where hoses are attached to the washer. Ensure you adhere to the manufactures recommended capacity on stuffing. Put your machine on a level place to avoid excessive vibration.

Check your clothes for pins, coins, and pegs since they can damage the drum with time. Do not overload the washing machine to avoid burning the motor fast.


Understand what foods to put where in the refrigerator. Do not overload your refrigerator with food items because it makes the compressor to overwork in order to keep beverages and food cold and fresh. Vacuuming the condenser frequently enables your fridge to stay cooler. Do not open the fridge door too often to save on your electricity.

If your fridge does not defrost automatically, make sure you defrost it yourself.  Ensure you follow the instructions in your refrigerator maintenance guide. Always replace water filters and keep the appropriate temperatures balanced.

Vacuum cleaners

Clean the filters frequently and change the vacuum bag. If you are using a bagged vacuum, ensure you don’t let the bag get filled to the brim because it makes the motor work harder. Also, make sure you keep the motorized brush clean because if you leave it tangled with hair, the motors work too hard. Do not vacuum sharp objects as they can damage or clog vacuums components.


If you find that your dryer takes longer than usual to heat up, check the exhaust duct. Ensure that after every single load, you clean the lint trap to help this appliance last longer. Also, clean the  lint hoses of your dryers regularly.






Ensure you keep your microwave clean because keeping it clean adds years to its life. Wipe off spills with water and soap and allow the surface to dry to avoid any rotten smell. Do not microwave food in any metal utensil or anything wrapped with aluminium foil to avoid any fire hazard.  When using the microwave, ensure that the top is not covered. Do not heat any flammable beverage and food, because explosions occur.


To avoid food build-up and odours, wipe down the door gasket regularly following the manufacturers manual. Ensure your dishwasher’s filter is free of food pieces for it to last longer.


For an even flame, always clean food particles from between the slots in the burner heads using a sharp object. A blue flame signifies your range is in good condition while an orange and yellow flame indicates that the burner should be cleaned. The burner is cleaned by putting a needle into its hole. You should also check the burners on your gas range regularly. Clean the oven frequently, per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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