22 Mar 18


Homeowners have the challenge to be tech savvy about the running of their homes if they are to make savings on their energy bill. There is a new batch of gadgets coming into the market every so often, which in turn multiplies energy needs in the home. While a lot of the appliances and gadgets we buy increase the power bill, there are some that can bring down energy demands. Here are some cool gadgets that tech savvy home owners can add to their homes (you can also have your OKC electrician have a look at your home to determine what’s suitable);

  1. Rachio Sprinkler

    There are lots of sprinkler systems out there but Rachio is right up there with the best. The sprinkler system can remember the sun exposure in your yard and works according to your plants and type of soil. The sprinkler also takes local weather forecast into account and creates a watering schedule that fits your yard. Aside from all the built-in features meant to increase efficiency, the sprinkler system is   compatible with Amazon’s Alexa.

  2. Smart thermostats

    Smart thermostats like Nest and Hive have revolutionized energy efficiency in the home. The HVAC system is typically one of the most costly appliances to run in the home. Smart thermostats come with the capability to adjust temperatures in the house according to your way of life. Smart thermostats take away the trouble of having to remember to adjust the HVAC system. These are much better than programmable thermostats since they turn off the air conditioning when no one is at home. The devices have become so popular that electricity providers are including smart thermostats in their energy saving plans.

  3. Smart Plugs from Wemo

    These are some of the best gadgets to come out of the smart living trend.  Wemo outlet adapters function with any Apple device or the Wi-Fi router in your home. The smart plugs allow you to turn off any appliances remotely as long as you have a device that connects to the internet. You can use it with any appliance that connects to a wall outlet or turn lights off from another room.

  4. Microbot push

    Even though many new appliances have arrived in the market, we tend to stick with our old stuff. The Microbot Push allows you to keep your old appliances in a world where buttons and dials are slowly being phased out. The device attaches to any old appliance that works with push buttons, rocker switches, toggle switches or any other type of switch that needs manual operation. Just attach the Microbot Push onto any old appliances to operate them remotely.

  5. WaterHawk Smart Shower Head

The showerhead can save you a considerable amount of money as well as water just monitoring the temperature and amount of water used during a shower. What’s more, the shower head does not need any power supply; it relies solely on the water passing through the shower head to run. The smart shower head has an LED display screen that shows how much water you have used and the temperature of the water. You won’t have to open the shower when the water is not hot enough anymore.

 If you need   help setting things up, contact our top electrician OKC professionals.


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