21 Feb 19


 Electronic appliances make our every-day life comfortable. These appliances are however vulnerable to outages. It is important to know how to keep your electrical appliances safe during power loss. The breakdown of these appliances is a costly affair.

Below are ways to ensure that appliances don’t conk out due to power outages

. Install surge protectors

These act as a buffer between the socket and your appliance. They contain an extra wire that is known as earth wire and is designed to monitor the electric current and block excess voltage. Plugging your appliances into a power strip with an in-built surge protector is a quick, affordable and economical way of protecting them. In the event of an electrical surge, a tiny device inside your surge protector blocks and diverts the extra voltage to the earth wire, away from your appliance.

Features to look for in a surge protector


If you are looking to purchase a surge protector, choose one that has higher joules because more joules mean longer period of protection.

Voltage Protection Rating

VPR is designed to measure how much voltage is allowed through to the appliances. The lower the Voltage Protection Rating, the better.

 Response time

Always choose a surge protector that has a low response time.


Look for manufacturers that offer full or partial coverage for damage to appliances.

  • Power down and unplug your appliances

    When power goes out or a storm approaches , take time to unplug and disconnect all electronics and appliances. Disconnecting your appliances from their power source protects them from damage.




  • Buy appliances that meet quality requirements

    Before buying appliances of any kind for your home, ensure you look at the voltage fluctuation, which is specified in the CE marking. Make sure that the appliance you buy can withstand voltage fluctuations and that you are buying an original product.

  • Have your indoor installation checked on a regular basis

    Have your indoor installation (main switch, cables, and power lines from the meter) inspected regularly.

  • Get help from a certified professional

    When something goes wrong with your appliance, do not fix it on your own because you might interfere with the voltage. Contact your OKC electrician to fix the problem to prevent further damage to the unit.

  • Install GFCI outlets throughout your home

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is the electrical outlet with labelled black and red buttons. These outlets are designed to monitor the amount of electricity flowing into and out of every socket and shut off if the flow exceeds a certain amount.

Electronic appliances are some of the most sensitive around the house and are easily damaged when power supply is unreliable. At Colburn Electric, we have professionals that are conversant with all kinds of electrical installation, repair and maintenance services. Contact us for more.


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