22 Oct 18
With electricity being an integral part of our day-to-day activities, it’s important to pay keen attention to its working principles, a few rules of thumb and the potential hazards when used in the outdoor environment. Whether you’re using outdoor electrical appliances or you’re working next to power cables; the laws of electricity should be observed well to become man’s servant.

Outdoor electrical dangers
While the adversity of an electrical fault can be quantified according to its cause and the prevailing environmental factors; outdoor electrical hazards have proven to be more catastrophic as compared to its indoor counterpart. The reason behind this theory can be justified by a number of practical issues; one is that electrical faults occurring outside your home would have limited control options such as circuit breakers or disconnection points. An example is a high-voltage power line that’s fallen on the ground/trees. 

Other electrical safety hazards include but not limited to; inappropriate use of power cords/extension cables, open junction box/ meter boxes and careless outdoor electrical installation. Before we look at how to avoid such causes; let’s examine each of these safety threats.

Extension cords
Working outdoors means you’ll have to deliver power to your station; garden, backyard or campsite. Extension cord is the best option for the job, however; not all cords have the same amperage rating and power handling capabilities. Before you energetically plug that extension cord to a power source; be keen enough to check the power rating of the device and the power capacity of the cord. Chances are, you bought a cheap cord from a local store without bothering to check on its properties. To ensure that your safety won’t be compromised by a slight electrical surge; choose a heavy duty extension cord. A damaged extension cable is another safety hazard. If you notice some exposed naked wires, consider buying a new extension. If you’re running on a tight budget, you can choose to replace the worn out parts and tape it accordingly.

Open Junction box and meter box
In most households, the meter boxes and junction/service box (for outdoor power outlets) are installed somewhere outdoors. When these electrical assets are left unattended, they can wear out and end up being exposed. This puts innocent and curious children in danger of electrocution.

Poor outdoor installation
If you’re to install an electric fence on your yard, for example; consult a qualified electrician to help you with the design and installation process. Any metallic/conductor fences shouldn’t be installed near power lines for safety issues. If a power line falls on an electric fence, it will turn the normal and harmless electric impulses into an enormous high voltage conductor. This poses a high risk of electric shock and even sparks which can lead to fire outbreaks.

While accidents are inevitable, it’s possible to minimize the occurrence and its effects to insignificant levels. One way of doing this is by using the right outdoor appliance for the right job. Regular maintenance and inspection routine for the extension cables, sockets and equipment will help in detecting damages and other electrical faults. In case you’ll need to troubleshoot an electrical equipment, choose a qualified OKC electrician to fix the problem. Tulsa electrician is one of the renowned OKC electrical contracting firms that has stood the test of time with a good reputation in the market. Taking shortcuts can be costly in the long run especially if you utilize your limited knowledge to handle risky installations. If you’re looking for some exceptional electrical services in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma; Tulsa electrical contractor has got you covered.

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