29 Jun 15

When you need to call a Tulsa electrician out to your home or business for a repair, you might wonder who will show up. Whether you have a large project that will span a few days, or a simple adjustment that should have them in and out in an hour, there are some traits to seek out.

Respect for your time

There are few things as frustrating as waiting for a repair person for hours and hours. Working with a Tulsa electrician who offers scheduling windows and a call before arrival, can help you limit the time you spend waiting for them to get to your home or business. This can also be finding a team with same day service so you can get a resolution faster.

Clear explanation of the charges

From the initial service call cost through the estimate on the project, understanding what you are getting for the service and how much it will be is essential. Once the necessary repair is identified or you have agreed on the scope of the project, ask about getting the total price up front to avoid an unpleasant surprise later.

Appropriate training and licensing

When you call a Tulsa electrician for any project at your home or business, they need to be licensed by the State of Oklahoma. This is a sign that they understand the code in the area and have demonstrated their knowledge to the level required by the state. If you are working with a contractor on your project, take the time to make sure the person working on your electrical is a licensed electrician, with the skills for the job.

Professionalism to you and your home

The Tulsa electrician that comes to your home, should look like a professional with a clean uniform, and carry that through by offering to wear booties if needed to protect your carpet and flooring. To further protect your home, the use of plastic mats in the work area show a higher level of concern for your property.

Comprehensive service offerings

From installing a ceiling fan to rewiring an entire house, work with a Tulsa electrician who can handle jobs of all sizes. If you have other concerns such as sustainability, or fire inspections, calling in an expert or team trained in those areas can let you get all your needs met on a project. In the Tulsa area, the team at Colburn Electric is held to high standards. This has earned them a reputation for quality work and good service for years.

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