17 Jul 16
By the time you turn out the lights to go to bed, you’ve likely used electricity in many spaces throughout your home and possibly some on the outside of your property. Think about it, even to use your cell phone it is generally charged from a cord that plugs into an outlet. Your morning toast, your evening news, your cup of coffee and getting your car out of the garage for work – all likely powered by electricity.

And while that is just a part of today’s lifestyle – when something goes wrong with the electrical in your home it can create a huge inconvenience. Beyond being inconvenient, trying to troubleshoot the problem and complete the repair yourself can be frustrating, time consuming and even outright dangerous. 

For many homeowners, knowing when to call a Tulsa electrician is a big question. For example, it’s not uncommon for lights to flicker in severe weather or during a power company issue, but if you have been noticing this without any obvious reason it could be a sign of trouble that is out of sight and in need of repair. 

While some needs are more obvious that others, here are some of the common reasons you may need to call a Tulsa electrician for your home: 
Lights are Flickering
Circuit breaker trips
A dimmer switch overheating
Smoke detector malfunctions
Loss of power to an outlet 

With so much information on the internet available, it may be tempting to try to diagnose the issue yourself. Calling in a Tulsa electrician instead  provides the opportunity for the repairs to be done safely, accurately and up to code. 

When in doubt, a quick call to the team at Colburn Electric can help you understand if you need a Tulsa electrician to come inspect and repair the concerns you have. With up-front pricing, you can be confident in having a professional troubleshoot the issues in your home. Electrical is one example of home repair best left to the experts, and with same day service you can gain a resolution quickly. 

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