12 Nov 17

Electricity is part of our everyday lives. It touches on virtually every aspect of our daily living. Anyone living in today’s world with electric grids snaking through every part of our cities would have a hard time living off the grid.

We depend on it so much, but how much do you really know about electricity? It’s been there for decades and has enabled numerous inventions that have totally changed the way we live but we don’t care much to know more about it. Take a couple of minutes to read this piece and find out some amazing facts about electricity, courtesy of your favorite electrician OKC.

  1. The enormous potential of hydro-energy

    Imagine a single hydropower station that could supply 28 million households with electricity. You don’t have to conjure up a fancy electric station because it would have to be this massive and inconceivable feat of engineering that we are yet to get to. However, the hydropower facilities in the U.S produce just as much electricity. If we were to use fossil fuels to produce this wattage, it would take some 500 million barrels.

  2. Your home appliances are gobbling up the watts even in sleep mode

    It may amaze you but 75% of the energy consumed in the typical home is used by appliances that are switched off. A normal desktop computer idles at 80 watts and that’s 20 watts for a typical laptop computer. The PlayStation 3 consumes 200 watts of power both when functioning and when in sleep mode.  It would be tough to make any savings against such use because that would mean unplugging everything from the wall; not the most likely thing.

  3. The sun is packed with tons of electric power

    Harnessing renewable sources of energy for mass usage is a perennial dream that we get excited about every time we hear about depleting natural resources. Even so, the sun has enough energy to help us realize this somewhat ambitious goal. The amount of sunlight that gets to the earth surface per minute is enough to cater for the entire globe’s energy needs for a full year.

  4. Birds rarely get electrocuted

    Have you ever wondered why birds can stand on the power lines and come off unscathed? Well, the reason is that they stand on a single line with both feet. If, by chance, the bird was to touch the next wire with a wing or one foot, it would complete the circuit causing the electricity to pass though the bird’s body thus causing electrocution.

  5. Google searches consume enough power to light your home

There are literally millions of searches on Google each day which consume about 0.013% of the energy used across the world. After some number crunching, this is enough electric energy to power 200,000 homes. A hundred searches on Google can light up a bulb for 28 minutes.

You couldn’t exhaust all the amazing things that have come up simply because of electricity if you spent a whole day rummaging through the internet. Some of them are outlandish, like how you could be liable for a £20 fine if you were caught using an electric razor whilst driving in the city of Terreno in Mexico. As for your home electrical needs, there are no mind boggling facts for the seasoned electrician. So don’t hesitate to ask for help if you ever need an electrician OKC; we happen to be one.

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