22 Nov 17

It can be very annoying to receive an energy bill that exceeds what you planned for. Aside from messing up your budget, there is also the problem of figuring out what appliances in the home are using so much power. It helps to know what shoots up your energy bill because then you can take steps to fix associated problems. Here are a few appliances that use up energy around the home;

  1. The washing machine

    Doing your laundry may be one of the reasons your light bill is erratic. Washing machines account for 11.8% of the energy used by appliances in the home. You can reduce the energy your washing machine consumes by setting the temperature to a cold wash as much as you can because heating the water takes a lot of energy. Additionally, you should always use your washing machine when it is full if the load system is not adjustable.

  2. Your home computer

    It may not seem like the most energy-consuming machine but it does take up 7.7% of the electricity bill. In most cases, this high electricity consumption is due to the use of several such devices in the same home. You can minimize the amount of energy used by connecting the devices to a power strip that can be turned off when they are idle. Reducing screen brightness is also a great way to reduce power consumption for desktop computers. You could remove the screen savers well. Remember to disconnect peripheral devices such as speakers, the scanner and the printer.

  3. Set top boxes, TV and Cable

    These three take up 3% of the light bill. It would be okay if watching too much TV was the reason behind the figure because you could easily cut back on TV, but the thing is they use pretty much the same amount of energy whether active or on standby. This is especially the case with digital cable, the DVR, satellite with DVR and the likes. The best way to curb power use in this case is to have a power strip that connects to them all.

  4. The Oven

    This is particularly problematic for you if you enjoy cooking. The oven uses up 8.3% of the total energy in your house. One way to curb your oven’s energy usage is to keep it closed when you are cooking since it loses 20% of its accumulated heat when the oven door is opened. You should also turn your oven off some minutes before your food is cooked so as to utilize residual heat.





  5. Refrigerator

The refrigerator consumes the most energy of all appliances around the home. Your refrigerator is using up 30.6% of the total energy in your home every month. Turning it off is not an option but there are other things you could do. First off, food should not be kept in the refrigerator while hot. It takes the motor a lot of energy to cool the food down. Leaving the refrigerator door open is also a no-no.

Aside from the appliances you use, poor insulation could also account for your light bill woes. It’s important to always make sure every part of the home that uses energy is working right to avoid extra costs. You can always contact your electrician Tulsa if you think something is amiss and you shall get assistance with whatever you need.


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