02 Sep 15

Many homeowners feel limited by the existing light fixtures in their home, and while they may be comfortable updating an outdated light, that is where the improvement often ends. With new trends in both style and efficiency, calling in a Tulsa Electrician can let you upgrade lighting your home. Whether you need new lighting in the space or to change the layout there are many options.

Outdoor lighting for both safety and aesthetics

Landscape lighting and exterior lighting are the two elements to consider when upgrading your home’s outdoor lighting. Consider how the addition of lights to your swimming pool, hot tub, patio, deck and landscaped areas could enhance the space. If you have concerns about safety, there are other security lighting options that a Tulsa electrician can assist you with.

Kitchen lighting can make a space feel up to date

During a kitchen remodel is a great time to update the lighting, but there are other enhancements that can be done at any time to improve lighting in the space. Ceiling lights options include: chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed (can) lighting and other fixtures. Adding under cabinet lighting can enhance the look of the space and highlight areas you want to focus on.

Dining room lighting sets the tone in the space

If your home has a formal dining room, you will want to consider its proximity to the kitchen to decide if you need to coordinate the look. Many dining rooms are simple spaces, defined by the décor, so an outdated fixture can have a negative impact in the space.

Bedroom Lighting can add convenience

Two common enhancements for bedroom lighting are the addition of overhead lighting or a ceiling fan to add airflow. Adding overhead lighting provides freedom from have to turn a lamp on and off, and in smaller rooms frees up the space. Some homeowners looking to add airflow, especially during the summer heat, might be drawn to installing a ceiling fan with a light kit.

One of the most important aspects is increasing energy efficiency with any changes you make. When you call in a Tulsa electrician from Colburn Electric you can work with a professional who has the expertise to help you maximize the improvement to lighting in your home.

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