01 Jul 15

Paint, flooring and countertops are common ways people think to change their space. Lighting can be a home improvement project that many homeowners don’t think about right away, but there are many options that can add style and functionality to your space. Working with a Tulsa electrician can let you enhance your home with updates to existing fixtures and installations that better meet your needs.

Kitchen lighting

Few spaces in the home provide as much opportunity to be improved with lighting as the kitchen. The layout and style can dictate some required lighting, but there are many choices available. Consider how under cabinet lighting can enhance the space. For ceiling lights there are many options including: chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed (can) lighting and other fixtures. Regardless of your style preferences, there is lighting available that can complete your kitchen design.

Living Space Enhancements

In bedrooms and living spaces table lamps can provide nice accent lighting, but the addition of overhead fixtures can bring in more light. It can also provide the opportunity to add a ceiling fan to help with airflow in the space. In some applications where a fixture does not work with the style or décor, recessed (can) lighting can be a good solution. The improvements are not limited to just lighting, consider how mounting a television to a wall would change your space, or even taking it further with the electrical to support a home theater space.

Outdoor lighting

Both the lighting on your home’s exterior and the lighting in your landscape could dramatically change the curb appeal of your residence. For security there are other security lighting options that a Tulsa electrician can assist you with. Consider how the addition of lights to your swimming pool, hot tub, patio, deck and landscaped areas could enhance the space.  Running power to outbuildings can increase their functionality as well.

Both outdoors, and indoors there are opportunities to improve your space with electrical upgrades. One of the most important aspects is increasing energy efficiency with the changes you make. Call team at Colburn Electric to locate a Tulsa electrician to help you with any project, large or small.

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