04 Nov 17

We live in a world with increasing demands for energy and not enough sources. The resources to produce electricity are diminishing even as large sections of the developing world remain in darkness. We have romanticized the idea of renewable energy even though very little has been done to achieve the goal. Nevertheless, newer ideas about creating electricity are cropping up every now and again and some of them will have you utterly surprised. Here are 3 ways of generating electricity that your regular Electrician Tulsa would gawk at.

  1. A soccer ball to produce electricity

    It’s hard to imagine how one could generate electricity from a 90-minute game of soccer but a student from Harvard has come up with an ingenious way to do just that. The project, aptly named Soccket, uses the kinetic energy generate by a soccer ball to produce electric energy.

    Jessica Mathews, the brains behind this project, came up with the idea to enhance living conditions in countries like her native Nigeria. The ball is called Soccket and can light an LED lamp for 3 hours with just half an hour of play.

    The inventor came up with the idea after a visit to her homeland where they had to use kerosene lamps. The toxic smoke from the lamp made it difficult for her to breathe and there, the idea began brewing in her mind.

    The project promises to be very beneficial to developing countries though it faces some tough challenges. To begin with, the energy-producing ball is expensive to mass-produce and the energy production does not come close to compensating that. Be that as it may, the idea remains a brilliant one and it’s only a matter of time before it has practical applications.

  2. Electricity from urine

    Four Nigerian girls have come up with a new way of producing electricity that only needs pee! The girls have come up with a design that can produce 6 hours of electricity from urine. As any invention in its early stages, the idea has some setbacks. The electrolytic cell used with the invention needs power to run and is fueled by hydrogen, a characteristically flammable option.

    Even though the project might not see the light of day any time soon, the 4 girls are clearly on their way to greater things. None of them is over the age of 15.

  3. Marine microbes that can produce electricity





It is hard to believe that microbes could produce any viable energy. The idea sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie. However, a team of researchers based in the University of East Anglia are on the verge of producing electric energy from a strain of bacteria known as Shewanella oneidensis.The microbes produce proteins that have the capability to transfer electricity to metals.

The team has gone as far as synthesize the microbes artificially. Dr. Tom Clarke, who is a biologist at the university, explains that electricity-producing microbes have been a real concept in the world of science for a while now. However, their team is the first to demonstrate how this energy could be discharged directly. If the project went mainstream, teams would be able to generate electricity by using agricultural and domestic waste.

Electricity sources may be dying down but the rate at which new ways of coming up with electric energy are popping up is encouraging. Meantime, you don’t have to worry about electricity troubles but you can count on your electrician Tulsa to help you out if they did.



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